What students of Rita's are saying about her classes...



“Thank you for sharing your creativity. I will be making lots of vessel so I can use up my stash. Thanks for not quilting either. Yahoo!!!”


Rita Lynne

Dimensional Floral Art Class:

"Great class. Teacher prepared everything so well and was a delight to learn from.  Very inspiring."

“Rita Lynne!!! One of the best teachers I have ever had at Festival.  Took time with everyone, wonderful Class. Will take other classes from Rita."

My Magic Garden Vessel Class:

“I did not know I would love this class so much.”

“Absolutely great class. Excellent teacher."

“Very, Very good! She had lots of materials for students and was very generous. Beautifully organized and patient. Excellent!!!! "

Floating Forest Class:

"I loved this class! The first class where I actually finished the project.” 

Sunshine Yellow 3-D Art Quilt:

“I was so pleased to have a knowledgeable, prepared, and interested in students’ success teacher. This was my best experience with a teacher here. I am thankful that my last class was with Rita. She is a gem!!" 

“I was hesitant at first because… needles and thread!! I am so glad I took this class. Rita was generous with her knowledge, creativity, support and materials.  Needles, schmeedles, this class was great!!!"